Are Philippines Considered Hispanic

Are Philippines Considered Hispanic

It is important to like your culture since your culture or heritage will not change no matter what happens. There is no reason why a person should deny their heritage since we cannot change the ancestral roots. It is common to find people with a habit of pretending not to know their mother tongue, seeing that they are embarrassed. A native’s mother tongue brings them closer to their parental roots, where our ethnicities come from. The Philippines have had trouble identifying as either Hispanic or Asian since they were conquered and ruled by the Spanish. This means that some Philippines may have married people from Spain during the colonial period.

However, both the Philippines and Latin

However, both the Philippines and Latin Americans were colonized by Spain, meaning that most Latin Americans speak Hispanic. Even though the Philippines married Hispanic citizens, it would make no difference seeing that the Hispanics were few. The Philippines find it hard to identify with people of their continent or individuals next to their country. When other traditions or races look at the Philippines population, others imagine them to be Hispanic or Asian. This isn’t very clear, seeing that the Philippines does not match Hispanic people like Latin Americans. The other Philippines do not match Asians like Southern Asia or even people from Asia in general. The Philippines add weight to the argument that they are not of western traditions but are almost Indian.

Most Philippines are of Malay origin,

Most Philippines are of Malay origin, so the Philippines look like people from Indonesia or Malaysia. This means that the Philippines resemble Indians more than the white race. In terms of religion, the Philippines did not copy the white race since Hispanic rulers were afraid that the Philippines would overthrow them if it were possible to understand them. The Philippines traded with Arabs and China, and Japan had also conquered the Philippines. This shows that Spain did not have a huge influence on the Philippines population apart from spreading Catholicism. To most South Americans, the Philippines are Asians who have Hispanic names, resulting from being a Hispanic colony.

Are Philippines Considered Hispanic

Battle of the races has made it difficult for people like the Philippines to identify with a certain race seeing that there are certain racial stereotypes. They are believed to be either Hispanic, Asian, or Indian, while the lighter race refuses to accept them as Caucasian. In terms of traditions, the Philippines are believed to be Asians. The Philippines look like individuals from Malay, their Asian neighbors like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. These tribes have been observed to practicing the same traditions and caring more about each other. The Filipino ethnicity mixes are with the Chinese. Some Philippines are called mestizo because they are mixed with the white race or have one Caucasian parent.

Upland Filipinos are from the real indigenous peoples of these islands, while certain Lowlanders have darker complexions and curly hair. Filipinos are often considered as a mixture of Asian and Indian, which is true because the Philippines was a colony. Spain still considers most of the Philippines population as Hispanic where they even share a religion of Catholicism or being a Catholic. Some native Philippines did not copy the white race because Spain feared that Filipinos would overthrow the colony. It is common to find the Philippines who resemble Indians rather than the white race. Most Philippines have a mix of traditions from a Hispanic or Spanish culture with a blend of culture from the respective country.

Fortunately, it is easy to understand why the Philippines find it hard to identify with a certain race since there are certain racial stereotypes. All Caucasian races call themselves Caucasians, but Filipinos have a lighter complexion than other races. Tribes from Malay resemble the Philippines the most, but those ethnicities do not qualify to be Hispanic. Most Philippines have no Spanish ancestry but have been mixed with a high percentage of Asians or Chinese generally. The Philippines were an extractive colony of the British like the Indians, meaning that only a small percentage of the Spanish would have mixed with the Philippines. Filipinos who were mixed with Spanish citizens called Mestizos were killed during World War 2.

Unfortunately, it is confusing to group the Philippines in any race, seeing that they do not match facial features or culture. Only Malay tribes seem to match well with the Philippines in that they almost have the same cultures or physical features.